LISAM Extension Rods

Telescopic extension rod

For all Lisam pneumatic tools
The telescopic extension arm is particularly suitable for pneumatic tools, is extremely practical and maneuverable for pneumatic shears, pneumatic saws, and pneumatic combs.

Available in the following sizes:
–AT01 MT.1.00-1.50     1.00m to 1.50m  /  3.2 ft. to 4.9 ft.
–AT02 MT.1.45-2.25     1.45m to 2.25m  /  4.7 ft.  to 7.3 ft.
–AT03 MT.1.85-3.10     1.85m to 3.10m  /  6    ft.  to 10 ft.
–AT04 MT.2.50-4.00     2.50m to 4.00m  /  8.2 ft.  to 13.1 ft.

Extension with quick coupling

To quickly switch from shears to saw

Quick-release connector extensions are yet another example of how Lisam is committed to improving your productivity: the connector means that you can switch between different pneumatic pruning tools quickly and easily.
pneumatic shears
pneumatic saws

Available in the following sizes:
–AB/125 MT.1.25          1.25m  /  4.1 ft.
–AB/150 MT.1.50          1.50m  /  4.9 ft.
–AB/200 MT.2.00          2.00m  /  6.5 ft.
–AB/300 MT.3.00          3.00m  /  9.8 ft.

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