Lisam SLY


The classic pruning shears for fruit trees

Sly is the professional pneumatic shears for pruning orchards, light and comfortable in use, powerful in cutting. The Lisam Sly is a professional shear to prune fruit trees, light, and easy to use. Sly pneumatic shears can be integrated with extension rods.

Lightweight, comfortable and precise scissors

Sly is a lightweight tool and makes the farmer’s work comfortable because it is equipped with a high-performance piston that avoids kickbacks on the wrist. The special alloy with which the Sly shears is made allows a powerful and precise cut at any temperature: no inconvenience during winter pruning.

Can be used with extension poles for pruning at high heights

With the Sly pneumatic pruning shears, even pruning the highest trees becomes an easy, fast and safe job.
Sly can be integrated with extension poles to reach the highest branches without having to use the stairs.

The following are available:
• extension poles up to 10 ft without an adapter;
• extension rods up to 10 ft with quick coupling, to switch in a few seconds from the scissors to the pneumatic hacksaw;
• telescopic extension rods up to 16 ft.

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