Why Olmi? 1

Olmi Pneumatic Deleafers use air produced by a compressor that comes out of the diffusers, which removes the leaves in the area surrounding the fruit. Only Olmi deleafers perform early-stage cluster cleaning.

► Pneumatic Olmi Deleafer allows for optimal grape
development, increasing quality, resulting in improved
product health and quality wine
► Does not harm clusters during any period of use
► Since Olmi Deleafer do not work in contact with
vegetation, they allow for processing in any method, both
climbing and trailing
► Very short intervention times

► Cluster cleaning, removal of flowering residue and all impurities
on grapes
► Improves the penetration and efficacy of pesticides treatments,
consequently reducing the number of treatments with saves considerable cost
► Improves ventilation within the cluster area, preventing the
formation of moisture that is harmful to fruit development
► Prevents the formation of Botrytis
► Early stripping decreases the risk of scalding from the sun on
the cluster
► Possible mechanical thinning of the cluster

► Facilitates manual harvesting with time savings of 30%
► With mechanical harvesting, moisture is eliminated in the fruiting
area. Better cleaning of the harvest