Olmi 460F Air Impulse Deleafer / Geneva Double Curtain

The Olmi 460F Air Impulse leaf remover machine has two head bilateral, electro-hydraulic joystick controls, high-speed system head, 2 front heads, 6 hydraulic movements, 1 inclination, 1 lift, 2 independent lateral movements, and 2 independent inclination of the head. Compressor unit applied on the back of the tractor with a 3 point hitch. Minimum tractor horsepower 80 HP, rotation PTO 1000 RPM, and weights 1,050 lbs. Mainly for Geneva Double Curtain growing styles in vineyards.

Olmi deleafers use pressure produced by a compressor that passes through the rotors, hitting the leaves along the area. The process allows for cluster removal of leaves in order to provided ventilation and sunlight without harming the fruit.

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