Olmi 510R Air Impulse Deleafer

The Olmi 510R pneumatic leaf remover machine has a 4 HEAD Straddle frame for vineyards ( 2 x 2 heads ) PENDULUM FRAME for two complete rows
Guides for self-centering on the fruit zone
6 hydraulic movements, wheels and slide support, Cardan
electro-hydraulic Joystick for the movements
3 point attachment on the tractor and oil cooler kit.
Minimum required tractor power: 110 HP
PTO: 750 rpm

The Olmi 510R pneumatic leaf remover reduces the air pressure and with a fast speed, the machine removes the leaves without damaging the grapes in the vineyard. This is done so that the day before the harvest, collectors can pick up the grapes without searching through the leaves. This reduces time by 25% by the end of harvest. The Olmi 510R allows the grapes to be brought to the winery clean and with fewer leaves or materials that aren’t grapes.

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