Why Holmac? 1


Holmac was established in 1969, they’ve built products well known and appreciated all over the world. It all began with the production of hydraulic power packs and spare parts for tool machines and from the beginning, their goal has been to produce using the best technology and precision available on the market. In 1981 they entered the nursery business with the hydraulic hammer, the first specific tool to remove a tree with its rootball. Making treasure of our long experience in mechanic and hydraulic systems, in 1989 they designed and built their first prototype of tree digger. It was a revolution in the nursery field because the treedigger can do the job of 20 people and this allows an increased number of trees to be dug out, making better delivery timing and lower the effort for workers. But the most important reached goal is that the trees have no problems after transplanting because only with the blade of the tree digger is possible to take the tree out using the root ball.

The Holmac Tree Digger is an efficient tree digging machine manufactured in Italy. Holmac uses a high-quality, Italian hydraulic system powered by a 22hp, water-cooled diesel engine as well as, a rotating vibrating blade that cuts under the plant and lifts it up out of the ground by the root ball.

This machine provides a real competitive advantage in the nursery industry. With a nimble size that can easily maneuver between rows and trees while working. The rubber tracks allow you to drive across beds or work close to plants without compacting the soil. The Holmac can extract 30-60 balls per hour, 240 to 480 balls per day. The fastest reported number of balls dug per day is 800. This machine can reduce labor expenses by up to 75%.

Holmac: The Choice That Makes a Difference

Those that chose a Holmac tree digger Why Holmac? 2recognize:
  • Production quality
  • Reliability and long-lasting
  • The Holmac tree digger has become indispensable for nursery growers all over the world
  • The quick and precise assistance the machine provides
1. Production Quality
  • Hydraulic and precision mechanics is Holmac’s strength 
  • The components of every tree digger are designed and produced inside the Holmac company to keep a high-quality standard
2. Reliability in time and long life of materials
  • There are Holmac tree diggers that passed 17,000 working hours
3. The Holmac tree diggers has become indispensable for nursery owners in the world
  • The Holmac tree diggers have become indispensable for nursery growers around the world. Thanks to its high-technology hydraulic system the Holmac tree digger is able to dig out more than double the plants compared to competitors and the cutting and depth of the root ball are always precise.
  • Holmac is the most sold tree digger in Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain