Ortolan SA/SB Stone & Sod Burier

The SA and SB tillage machines are designed for working in stony soils and for preparing sowed middles for replanting. This tillage machine does primary, secondary, and finishes tillage in one pass. This is possible to buy the reverse rotation of a standard tiller that picks up stones and /or sod clumps and deposits them at the bottom of the furrow while leaving the fine soil on top as the mesh cage roller firms the finished seedbed. To renovate vineyard middles choose the optional seedbox to complete the final task of replanting the cover crop before the mesh caged roller firms the new seedbed. Your vineyard will have a finished look and the level rows it is easier for traveling on during regular operations.

Model Depth Width HP Lbs
SA100R 5″ 39″ 20-45 829
SA120R 5″ 46″ 30-45 900
SA135R 5″ 52″ 35-45 983
SB120R 7″ 47″ 30-75 1177
SB140R 7″ 55″ 35-75 1283
SB165R 7″ 64″ 40-75 1388
SB185R 7″ 72″ 50-75 1494
SB205R 7″ 80″ 60-75 1599

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