LISAM Hoses & Reels

The automatically rewinding hose winder is specially designed for applications where the compressor cannot be taken to the worksite, or when continuously moving the compressor is not a viable option. This lets you work at up to 200 meters from the compressor.
By using two winders, you can double the number of outlets for a single compressor.

Code                    Item                           

9110                     M.100 6X8 or M. 50  8X10

9111                     M.150 6X8 or M. 100 8X10

9112                     M.200 6X8 or M. 150  8X10

Complementing its range of pneumatic pruning and harvesting systems, Lisam also offers all the accessories necessary to maintain the original performance of the system: pressure regulators, filters, FRL kits with automatic refill function, valves for automatic throttle control.

Code                    Item                           

X2900                 Winding 6×8 – Per Meter

X2901                 Winding 8×10 – Per Meter

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