Professional lawnmower of innovative construction, very short in length to facilitate entry and exit from the rows, innovative transmission via gear boxes; with BILATERAL “BioSysten” wire rotors (or inter-row wheels) for mechanical/ecological weeding in “ORGANIC” organic fruit and viticulture.

  • Extra short and robust machine for cutting grass in the inter-row and bilateral under-row weeding (inter-row) simultaneously in a single pass
  • Length reduced to a minimum, the machine is very short to facilitate row head maneuvers
  • Transmission via gear boxes
  • Protective couplings between the gear boxes
  • Gearbox with integrated freewheel – ratio 540 rpm.
  • Inter-row arms with AEDES “BioSystem” wire rotors / BILATERAL inter-row wheels with mechanical return / gas spring
  • Special wire rotors (PU 6 mm – reinforced)
  • Transmission on wire rotors via hydraulic motors with pipes and quick couplings for direct connection to the tractor’s hydraulic system
  • 12 V electric heat exchanger
  • Front rollers, large rear roller (Ø 170 mm) adjustable in height to ensure ease of sliding and maneuverability
  • Adjustable track front rollers
  • Category 1 and 2 three-point hitch frame – CENTRAL FIXED
  • Third floating chain point to make the machine follow the contour of the ground perfectly
  • Attachment to the rear of the tractor used for hauling
  • Cardan shaft with shear bolt
  • Safety protections and “CE” certification

They are needed on the tractor for operation

  • A single-acting hydraulic distributor (50 lt. continuous oil) with free return
  • ONE 12 V socket – 3 poles