Serrat Interpiquet Drag Mower

The Serrat Interpiquet Drag Mower is perfect for use in Orchards under trees, especially for U-Pick Fruit locations.

Mechanical driven swing arm mower can be used to mow around trees, posts, crash barriers, etc. without any damage. Mechanical transmission by power take-off for tractors between 35 and 105 hp. Requiring a double effect hydraulic’s service for the slope and simple effective service for the hydropneumatic suspension.

•     Mechanical driven swing arm mower
•     Diameter of the plate 47″ / 120 cm
•     Backwardation from the axis of the tractor
•     Mechanical transmission by a power take-off
•     Hydraulic recovery control (adjustable)
•     Pushing control by hydropneumatic suspension
•     Lower bowl of control on the ground and rear wheel
•     3 retractable knives
•     Model with double plate

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