Rinieri Twin Turbo

The Twin TURBO has been conceived to maximize the efficiency of the single machine, doubling its benefits by processing both sides of the same row in the same passage. It is produced in the front and rear versions and in two working widths: the first for vineyards from 67″ to 98″, the second for vineyards and orchards from 98″ up to 149″ in row width. Both versions require 8 gallons per minute of oil from the tractor, if this flow rate is not guaranteed, then it is possible to install an independent hydraulic unit. TURBO double straddle group with a blade mounted on frame carried to the lift. It is equipped with a trolley with adjustable wheels and front furrow opening discs. Two versions of Twin Turbo are available, one front and one rear, with two working widths. as an alternative to the blade, it is possible to apply an inter-row stripping plow with a cleaning trowel.


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