Rinieri Turbo

TURBO straddle group with a blade mounted on the frame carried to the lifter. It is equipped with a trolley with adjustable wheels and front furrow opening disc. Two versions of single Turbo are available, one front and one rear, with different working widths. As an alternative to the blade, it is possible to apply with an inter-row stripping plow with a cleaning spatula. It can mount different tools in the frame: Vine shoot remover, Aratrino, Biostar, Spinning wheel. Average weight single 750 lbs and requires 50-90 HP.

• Standard Turbo Blade tool attachment
• 3 other tool attachments (as shown)
• Efficient & Fast– Up to 6 mph!
• Cultivate and reduce chemicals
• Hydraulicly driven- 8 GPM
• Optional hydraulics in & out (recommended)
• Notched colter disc
• Optional hydraulic adjustments


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