Rinieri EL In-Row Cultivator

The original in-row power harrow for vineyards and orchards is the result of 30 years of development. The Rinieri EL can work in difficult conditions and on hills sides thank to the tilting of the working head. The power harrow EL series removes the grass from the ground and does not make any tillage pan. The minimum distance in the row can be 20″. Used a tractor 3pt hitch with PTO gear drive of the working tool and the hydraulic pump which in turn controls the touch bar. The counter-rotating vertical tines ensure optimum cultivating while keeping the soil level and not cause a hardpan. Ideal for stony conditions and can handle tall weeds.

Hydraulic tilt standard. Requires 40″ between vines, trees, posts, etc., and 12-14″ below the first wire. Standard with manual retracting override; hydraulic and electro-hydraulic retracting override is optional.


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