Rinieri Bio-Dynamic For Hemp

The HEMP market is booming now with recent law changes and the multi-faceted crop with over 500 uses and end-products from CBD oil to health foods, insulation, and bio-fuel! Many new hemp farmers are looking for solutions for organic weed control/cultivation. Like our Rinieri equipment designed for orchards and vineyards, who also require organic weed-control solutions, Rinieri has the equipment solutions for you!

The new range of equipment for fast mechanical weeding (up to 15km / h) composed of Bio-disc, which breaks the ground near the plants and Bio-Star tested, through rubber spokes, in different sizes and hardnesses, for inter-row processing. The frame is available in the rear and front versions. The vineyard Bio-Disc group is equipped with two discs, while the orchard version has 3 or 4 discs. The Bio-Star is available in three different sizes, with a diameter of 54, 70, and 95 cm, and with rubber spokes of three different consistencies: soft, medium, and hard to be chosen according to the type of soil and culture.

• BioDynamic Cultivator tool attachment AND/OR
• Sucker Remover (SRV) tool attachment
• Efficient & Fast– Up to 6 mph!
• Cultivate and reduce chemicals
• Ground driven- NO PTO
• Fully adjustable angle of tools
• Notched colter disc
• Optional hydraulic adjustments







MODEL minimum row width maximum row width Max from tractor center n discs Weight Bio Stella
Bio-Dynamic Narrow 160 300 70-125 2 260 Ø 54
Bio-Dynamic Narrow 170 300 70-125 2 270 Ø 70
Bio-Dynamic Narrow 170 300 70-125 2 280 Ø 70
Bio-Dynamic Wide 280 450 120-200 3/4 310 Ø 70
Bio-Dynamic Wide 280 450 120-200 3/4 320 Ø 70
Bio-Dynamic Wide 280 450 120-200 3/4 340 Ø 95

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