Lisam SLY DT

The Lisam Sly DT pneumatic pruning shears have double-edged blades, to perform a clean and precise cut that leaves no residues on the plant and promotes the healing of the branch.

The Sly DT pneumatic shear has been made with double-edged blades that significantly reduce the crushing of the branch, promote healing and leave no residue on the trunk. It is light and easy to handle and can be used for several hours without tiring the farmer. Thanks to the particular alloy structure, the Sly DT shear is also suitable for working at low temperatures, always maintaining high cutting power.

Can be integrated with an extension rod, to work at high heights

To prune branches at high heights, the pruning shears can be mounted on an extension poles:

• extension poles up to 10 ft without an adapter;
• extension rods up to 10 ft with quick coupling, to quickly switch from the scissor to the pneumatic hacksaw;
• telescopic rods up to 13 ft.


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