Lisam SKY Pole Saw

Pneumatic hacksaw on pole SKY series

For pruning at great heights,
Lisam has created Sky, a line of approved pole-mounted saws for pruning the highest branches.
The Sky hacksaw is light and small in size and cuts branches up to 20 cm in diameter.

Sky is the pneumatic pruning saw approved on an extension pole.

As its name suggests, this hacksaw reaches up to the sky, to cut the highest branches without having to use ladders or self-propelled carts. Thus, pruning work is faster and more productive.
It cuts large branches up to 20 cm in diameter and is suitable for pruning orchards, olive groves and for greenery maintenance in general.
The hacksaw is available with extension rods in different lengths, from 1.25 m to 3.00 m.

Lightness and safety during pruning

The main feature of the Sky hacksaw is its lightness: it weighs only 1 kg, about half of other pneumatic saws.
All this, combined with the small size, translates into extreme ease of handling during pruning operations, where the hacksaw is not at all cumbersome.
Like all Lisam equipment, Sky also complies with all current CE safety regulations: thanks to the positioning of the start button on the handle at the lower end of the rod, any contact with the moving saw becomes impossible.

This is why working with Sky is simple, fast and, above all, safe.

Simple maintenance, with the self-lubrication system
Particularly simple in maintenance, thanks to a new chain lubrication system: in fact, by eliminating the oil tank and pump, the chain is lubricated via the exhaust air of the pneumatic motor, regulating the oil dispensing.
The hacksaw is available in different models with 8 or 10 inch chain bar, traditional or pointed: a wide choice to best meet the pruning needs of a large number of fruit growers.

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