Disinfects the blade at each cut
The Lisam Sana Sly is a unique pneumatic scissors: the blade is disinfected at each cut. Thus maintains and controls the transmission of plant diseases.

Avoid the transmission of fruit tree diseases


Sana Sly was designed to respond to a need of farmers: how to avoid the spread of diseases within the orchard?
Lisam has thus created pneumatic pruning shears equipped with a special device that disinfects the blade every time a cut is made. The device sprays a disinfectant spray on the blade, sanitizing it from any bacteria present on the shaft. The Sana Sly pneumatic scissor is equipped with a device that sprays a disinfectant spray every time the blade closes. In this way, the blade is completely sanitized at each cut and avoids the transmission of any bacteria or disease from one tree to another. To avoid the transmission of diseases from one tree to another, it is advisable to use tools and clothing that are always carefully sterilized. Powerful in cutting and very light, like all Lisam pneumatic scissors, Sana Sly is a tool that guarantees comfortable work at any temperature. The high-performance piston allows for use without kickback and greater safety for the operator.

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