Lisam MG TURBO Pneumatic Shaker Comb

A handy and powerful
The Lisam MG Turbo olive harvester is equipped with a comfortable and small-sized piston body. The interleaved rods collect even the most difficult to reach olives.

To facilitate the olive harvest

MG Turbo is a lightweight and handy pneumatic olive harvester, made of titanium and magnesium. It is very convenient to use because the piston body is small in size. Powerful in olive harvesting, it reaches 1,800 beats per minute.

Round tip rods to avoid damaging the olive trees

MG Turbo is equipped with rakes with rounded tip rods, specially designed not to damage the olive trees during harvesting.
The sticks are of different sizes and arranged with an alternation of long and short, to allow you to collect even the smallest and most resistant olives.

Intercalated temples that are wedged even between the most intricate branches of the olive trees.

The rakes are particularly effective during harvesting: the rods are interleaved, with an alternation of long and short rods. This feature allows the rake to collect the olives not only among the highest and most free branches but also among the thinnest and most intricate branches of the olive tree, without losing even a single fruit in its passage. The MG Turbo olive harvester can be mounted on extension rods of different sizes.
The MG Turbo pneumatic olive harvester must be used at a maximum pressure of 7-8 Bar, at this pressure, the guaranteed performance remains unchanged and consumption is thus reduced.

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