Infaco Safety System


The new wireless safety system on the F3020 is composed of a conductive trigger that makes the connection between the user’s body and the shears’ electronic system (INFACO patents).

As soon as the cutting head touches the opposite hand (bare or wearing a glove), the pruning shear blade opens instantly, thereby preventing accidents!

The Wireless DSES system operates in direct contact with the skin. However, everyone has their own conductivity level. Use the INFACO conductive gloves to guarantee a high level of conductivity. INFACO gloves increase the signal and provide better protection.

Important: if you want to use gloves to protect from the cold, the system imposes wearing INFACO conductive gloves.

The use of INFACO conductor gloves is strongly recommended to:

  • Increase the safety system conductivity.
  • To make the reactivity consistent on the entire hand surface.
  • Reduce unwanted triggering on wet wood and/or wood that is too close to the ground.


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