Infaco Extension Poles

Infaco F3015



The F3015 can be used with any of its cutting heads on any of Infaco’s carbon fiber extension poles. The F3015 easily snaps into any of the fixed or telescopic extension poles ranging between 47’’ to 11’5’’, giving a cutting reach of up to 16.5 ft above the ground.
The pruning shear is controlled by a micro switch housed in a sliding handle on the carbon fiber tube. The shears can be operated by the user with a single cable between the battery and the pole. Trigger control information is directly centralized by an electronic micro-card housed in the pole. The tool’s versatility will be appreciated by users doing large cuts or overhead work.
P8T120 – 3’11” to 6’10” – 2.4 lbs
P8T210 – 6′ 10” to 11’5″ – 3.3 lbs
P8F120 – 3’11” – 1.5 lbs
P8F210 – 6′ 10” – 2.2 lbs


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