Infaco Electrocoup F3015

This Infaco F3015, battery-operated pruner provides the strong cutting power you need for branches or vines. This tool is ideal for use in vineyard, nurseries, and orchards. The pruning shear includes interchangeable cutting heads to meet different cutting capacity needs, and you can add an extension pole to the pruner for a higher reach (additional cutting heads and extension poles sold separately).

The Infaco electric pruning shears will once again set new benchmarks in the industry. A tool designed for pruning professionals, the Infaco F3015 has evolved from its predecessors to be a more reliable and high-quality tool, preferred by users throughout the world. High-quality materials have been selected with the utmost care in developing this new model. Infaco’s extended research and development has helped achieve an even lighter and more compact body. The new tool has been designed to run on a new brushless motor technology powered by a cutting-edge Lithium-ion battery. The aluminum body (made of a special alloy used in aeronautics) holds and keeps together most components in the pruning shear and is now covered by a lifetime warranty.

  • Compact & Light: 1.74 lbs
  • Performances: Exceptional Power and Efficiency
  • High Cutting Capacity:
    • 40mm / 1.57 in. Standard Kit
    • 45mm / 1.77 in. Medium Kit
    • 55mm / 2.17 in. Maxi Kit
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Soft and Comfortable Grip
  • Very Accurate Progressiveness

Ultra-Compact Lithium-Ion Battery

The Lithium-ion Cobalt battery weighs only 1.79 lbs. The storage cells of the battery have been chosen for their reliability and capacity to deliver intense current. 120Wh LITHIUM Battery Weight: 1.79 lbs. Full-day complete autonomy 9hrs* Battery with storage cell protection and management electronic system (BMS) High storage capacity lithium cells. High power and long life intelligent battery technology.

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