Holmac HZC 40


The Holmac HZC 40 is a large tree digger that includes a series of innovations. Standard vertical tip back system for lifting the root ball out of the ground. The Holmac HZC 40 has a narrow 41” wide track with a patented single action in/out to 60” and forward 14” ensures balance in any condition. It will dig more trees at the same time as other brands. This is possible with the 3 separate pump actions, this will allow a faster approach, faster digging, and faster bag & basket time. Travel speed variable from 0 to 4 mph forward and reverse, 2 ranges are controlled on the go. The blade change is simplified with blade support for 12 different blades from 16” to 55”.


  • 3 Separate pump actions: approaching tree faster to place in digging position.
  • Centralized greaser: easier for maintenance.
  • Adjustable rubber tracks: Move Simultaneously for less stress or single movement in/out, and forward/back.

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