Holmac HZC 25

The Holmac HZC 25 hydraulic system has 3 separate pumps. The Holmac tree digger when approaching the tree can already place the blade in the right position, in this way Holmac works three times faster than competitors. Holmac’s dig out 500 trees at the same time that a competitor digs only 200. The HZC 25 is a very compact machine that can work where rows are very close, also the turning blade system allows the user to dig out trees in spaces where other machines don’t fit. This is a great solution for high-density growers.

Rootball Dimensions

Minimum diameter 25 cm/ 10 in.
Maximum diameter 100 cm/ 40 in.


Length (without blade): 247 cm/ 97 in.
Width (with closed tracks): 84 cm/ 33 in.
Width (with opened tracks): 123 cm/ 48 in.
Height (roll-bar included): 217 cm/ 85 in.
Weight: 1600 kg/ 3527 lbs. (without blade)


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