Crushing Tech Stump and Rock Crusher

Crushing Tech Stump and Rock Crusher CR-120-S is a machine able to crush stones and rocks
The working depth goes from 4″ to 8″ because the picks go out 4″ from under skid.

For the model, CR-120-S is sufficient that the tractor is provided with creep gear.

The Crushing Tech Strump and Rock Crusher is used for:
– crushing stones and crushing rocks of any type and nature
– preparing lands for vineyards, orchards, crop sowing
– crushing lands with bushes, shrubs and stumps
– preparing fire lanes
– for maintenance of dirt roads or surface pipelines
– stabilizing roads or other soils
– preparing service area and ski lanes

The transmission is by chain in oil bath.
The CR-120-S models is equipped with a rear grate hydraulically adjustable by the tractor.
The driveshaft is supplied with a bolt safety device.
All the wearing parts are in Hardox and are replaceable.

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