CIMA Trailer Sprayers

CIMA’s trailed sprayers range from 200-525 gallons and have a spray head available for virtually any crop. The trailed low volume sprayer model, with pneumatic atomization based on the “Venturi Tube” principle, performs chemical treatments with a low volume of water. Compact and of great maneuverability, is versatile and reliable as the whole range of CIMA’s sprayers.

Maximum performance with low operating costs and low maintenance.

Model/Gal. HP Lbs Controls
T45/200 35 838 electric
T45/300 40 926 electric
T45/400P2 45 1212 electric
T50/300 55 992 electric
T50/400P2 60 1212 electric
T55/300 70 1109 electric
T55/400P2 75 1280 electric
T55/525P2M 75 1340 electric

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