CIMA has chosen to combine the well-established and effective solution of the Link, a low volume articulated pneumatic sprayer which allows turning with a very tight radius, a new wrap around spraying device with 3 drops, and a parallelogram leverage system, in order to bring together maneuverability and high operating efficiency. The Cima ROB3 allows 3 rows from 5.5 to 10 ft wide to be treated at the same time and uses the already well established CIMA diffuser outlets, which exploit the Venturi effect to atomize the product, guaranteeing optimum coverage as well as good penetration into the most hidden parts of the vegetation. The side positioning of the drops can be controlled directly by the operator from the cab, by simply entering the required width on the control panel, which, as well as controlling the electro-hydraulic unit, shows all the user data in real-time on the large display. With the Cima ROB3, the drops can also be moved independently, in order for the treatment to be resumed quickly following maneuvers carried out in especially restricted headlands. The control software automatically opens and closes the arms returning them to the width previously set as well as controlling each individual movement in a smooth, quick, and efficient way.


Up to 15 customizable work programs available, so the operator can configure both the arms opening and the product dosage.


The system allows the operator to keep a constant dose of the chemicals sprayed, as the tractor speed varies.


The ultrasonic sensors allow the ability to detect the presence or absence of vegetation, enabling or disabling the spraying of the section concerned.

AGRICULTURE 4.0 (Optional)

The management software interface gives the option to send the configuration parameters to the sprayer and to receive back real work data and the GPS track followed during the treatment.

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