Cifarelli V1200E Vacuum Harvester

Cifarelli V1200E is a vacuum for harvesting shell fruit. The light material (leaves or small stones) vacuumed together with the fruit is ejected from the tank thanks to a patented separation system.

The Cifarelli V1200E is a vacuum harvester that is used to collect quickly and effectively chestnuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, and acorns. This machine separates the product from leaves or other debris sucked in which are expelled through the air exit. Emptying the tank is simple with the machine on the shoulders pressing the proper level. To speed up collecting the harvest we recommend using the BL1200 blower or the air exit pipe of the vacuum itself to gather the product first.

Power and reliability for professional use

The machine is also suitable for intensive use, thanks to the powerful 5 HP two-stroke Cifarelli engine and professional carburetor.

The suction hose consists of a flexible part and a rigid pipe that ensure better suction of the product.

Each component has been carefully designed to guarantee the highest quality:

  • Frame made of anodized aluminum, lightweight and corrosion-resistant;
  • Ergonomics carefully designed for a machine that is comfortable to use;
  • Curved backrest with wide and soft cushion, padded and adjustable shoulder straps;
  • Control handle with adjustable position and inclination;
  • Left handle for guiding the hose during harvesting;
  • Lever for opening and closing the collection tank with the machine on your shoulder;
  • Fuel tank with a vertical nozzle to make refueling easier;
  • A lockable lever to keep the accelerator constant;
  • Lifting handle;
  • Silencer and fan designed for better acoustic comfort;
  • Very low vibrations;
  • Internal protection of the conveyor made of abrasion-resistant material, easily replaceable in case of wear;
  • Standard connection of water pipes to clean the fan
  • A super-efficient fan that ensures a high suction performance

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