Checchi & Magli SP100 Potato Digger

The SP 100 potato digger is mainly used for harvesting potatoes, but can also be used for garlic, onions, tubers and bulbs in general.
The tractor version has an offcentre 3-point linkage and is recommended for tractors with standard wheel track, approximately between 120 cm and 150 cm.
The small tractor version has a central 3-point linkage and is recommended for tractors with narrow wheel track, approximately between 70 cm and 100 cm.
The machine has a front vibration-free fitted ploughshare and two sieves that alternately oscillate, separating the product from the soil and laterally depositing the clean product onto the ground on a single row.
The fitted ploughshare and front conveyor grass-cutting discs with 40 cm diameter and adjustable height enable the SP 100 to also operate on steep slopes, compact soil and with highly-developed leaf foliage crops.
Two depth wheels with adjustable height and rubber anti-vibration bushings in all points subject to vibration complete the machine equipment.
It has a 58-cm working width; cardan shaft upon request.
Approximate production up to 1.5 ha a day.