Checchi & Magli SP150-SP160 Potato Digger

The SP 160 potato digger is mainly used for harvesting potatoes, but can also be used for garlic, onions, tubers and bulbs in general.
The machine, designed for professional use, enables two rows of tubers transplanted at an inter-row spacing between approximately 75 and 90 cm, to be dug at the same time.
It has the traditional 3-point linkage system to attach it to the tractor.
The lateral grass-cutting discs with a large diameter of 60 cm(A) and adjustable height, define the working width of the machine (160 cm), while a top-quality sieving belt correctly cleans the product.
For more demanding terrain, the SP 160 potato digger has the standard equipment of a shaker with adjustable power. A 9-blade ploughshare, with full width and variable inclination, ensures the digging depth combined with the rear rubber support wheels.
Two Teflon tails work on the rear with adjustable width to align the product and facilitate harvesting; the tails are removable to simplify machine transportation.