BDi P35

BDi’s P35 sprayer is just the right size for the small acres or start-up growers. The Cifarelli blower produces 200 MPH airflow, with droplets range from 100-150 microns in size. Perfect for disease and insect control at low gallon rates. The CIMA fan-tail spray head is ideal for close dense crops, with an adjustable up/down to best target different crop heights. The 30-gallon tank is just the right size to cover about one acre per fill up. The 12V pump supplies liquid to the spray head and agitates the mixture in the tank. Reachable controls are mounted near the operator. The frame is multi-use, with 3PT to attach to a small tractor, a base/skid can sit on the back of a Gator or golf cart, or the optional wheel kit bolts on.


Optional Wheel Kit:

BDI P35 Wheel Kit


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